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Deadlines are good for you and them...

Deadlines are critical for Admissions but also give motivation and structure to those that need to complete an assignment! Think about the last time you had a project due or a test to prepare for in school. The date was critical for your success and crucial for the teacher.

Deadlines set expectations, especially in college admissions. Each student has to complete an application and send required documents to the university by a specific date so that the Admissions Team can do their job correctly and on time. In addition, students typically have a few choices as to when to apply, which sets expectations even higher. Early Decision gives an entirely different picture of an applicant than Regular Decisions. Do you know why?

Setting deadlines communicate how you value your time. For example, applying Early Decision to a university tells the school that you are committing to that school without any knowledge of financial aid costs and understanding of other opportunities. Choosing an Early Decision indicates that you don't want to use the time to explore other options. Regular Decision says you want more time to work hard and explore options. However, deciding on which deadline can be tricky. Be sure to talk to your parents and a counselor when making this Decision.

Your progress can be measured by comparing your completed task to an upcoming deadline. From the time you were in elementary school, teachers, parents, and mentors have tried to express how important it is to not wait until the last minute to complete an assignment. The same goes for a college application. Knowing your deadline can help you stay on track and plan for each piece of your required list.

So, think of a college deadline as a gift! Of course, it helps if you have an end mark to finish a task so that you complete it well! Work through requirements and continue talking about the process; you will see your confidence grow. Completing applications feels good and often leads to a healthier, more productive feeling of satisfaction.

Who doesn't like the feeling of finish a task well and on time?

And speaking of time and deadlines, AUBURN has a different policy to Early Action. Be sure to see the chart below:


"For Summer and Fall 2023, Admission Decisions will be released in rounds. Early Action Decisions extend from October to January, and regular decisions in March. Early action decisions are non-binding. To be considered you must have a complete application file by the materials received date listed below." (AUBURN WEBSITE)

Decision Type​

Required Materials Received By

Decision Released


​September 15, 2022



October 15, 2022



December 1, 2022



February 1, 2023

​Early March

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