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Colleges That Change Lives – Allegheny College

Acclaimed writer Loren Pope felt that too often college choices were made based on lack of information or false perceptions which leads to dropout or transfers. He wanted to inform his readers and share his thoughts about colleges that he believed “Changed Lives.” Some of the criteria for this title includes low student to faculty ratios, teaching by dedicated professors, not TAs, smaller student enrollment, out-of-classroom learning activities and much more. Each week we will be highlighting one of the “Colleges That Change Lives.” The first is Allegheny College in Meadsville, Pennsylvania.

Allegheny College was founded in 1815 and is the 32nd oldest college in the country. One reason it was chosen to be on this list of distinction is, “It has a long record of producing not only future scientists and scholars, but business leaders as well.” ( Meadsville, PA is located two hours from Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo. The downtown area is within walking distance of campus. The campus itself consists of 562 acres, a 283 acre nature reserve and a 203 acre recreation complex. It is also seen as a “College That Changes Lives,” due to the fact that 90% of graduates have full time jobs within eight months of graduation and acceptance rates to medical, law and business programs are twice the national average.

One interesting thing about the college is that each student completes a major and a minor program. They have over 900 selections to choose from. Students are also expected to attend seminars that focus on communication and career advising. Travel seminars are offered and are led by faculty members. These are off campus in locations such as Greece, Nicaragua, Turks and Caicos and South Africa. Credit is given for completion of each seminar.

On campus activities are abundant. There are over 100 student ran organizations, clubs and honor societies, 21 sports teams and wonderful outdoor recreational opportunities. Some of the outdoor recreations sports include backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, sailing, skiing and whitewater rafting. Allegheny definitely has several options for the adventurous student! 90% of students choose to live on campus.

If you are interested in Allegheny College, there are several visiting options. Students and families can visit throughout the year at open houses, individual tours or the Senior Overnight Visit where students spent a night in a residence hall and have an option to attend a class.

The student/faculty ration of 12 to 1 and average class size is 21. Enrollment: 2,100 Students

Application Deadlines: Early Decision- November 15; Regular Decision February 15

Top 5 Majors: Biology Psychology Economics English Language Political Science

Tuition and fees are $49,000. (75% of the student body receives financial aid.)

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