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College Visits - Virtual For Now

The month of September is typically known as the busiest travel dates for an Admissions Officer. With COVID still looming and doors closed on school grounds, Admissions Officers have taken the time to create virtual visits and preview days. The Coalition for College has created a Virtual College Fair in September. This event will take place in the evenings on September 16 and 17.

College Fairs have been great in the past because these fairs help students and families learn about various institutions and meet with specific members of the community. With over 130 members of the Coalition, the fair is going to be BIG! Williams Educational Consultants encourages all families who have a high school student to register for the virtual fair. Students will have an opportunity to watch four different sessions each evening and choose a room per session which hosts 3 to 4 colleges. 

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your visits:

  1. Register Early

  2. Research the participants

  3. Examine the colleges of interest before the event by visiting their website and learning about academics and student life. 

  4. Prepare questions for the admissions officers that can help you answer, "Why are you interested in XYZ university?" 

  5. Follow-Up with the Admissions Officers

  6. Send a Thank-you note.

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