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College Highlight of the Week – Colleges That Change Lives Edition – Antioch College

This week continues our highlight of the “Colleges that Change Lives,” by writer Loren Pope. Antioch College is located in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It was founded in 1850 and has a very low enrollment number of 183 students. Students can expect to get one on one attention from professors. Colleges that Change Lives wrote, “There is no college or university in the country that makes a more profound difference in a young person’s life, or that creates more effective adults than Antioch.” This is a very strong statement! Let’s find out more to see what makes Antioch great!!

One very interesting fact about Antioch is that each student is expected to participate in a comprehensive work program. All students work ten hours per week during each study term. Leaders at Antioch believe in community and learning to assume responsibilities. They work as one of the group, which is an important characteristic for adults in the work force today.

Antioch has four major areas of study. These are Art, Humanities, Social Sciences and Science. Faculty members help each student to develop their own concentration in these areas. Interestingly, all students are required to attain intermediate proficiency in a language different than their native language. Alumna from the college includes Coretta Scott King, Nobel Prize winners and several civic leaders.

The college sits on 200 acres and consists of 25 buildings. It also opens onto a large park of ancient trees owned by Antioch that has woods, fields, streams and wetlands to explore. Yellow Springs, Ohio has plenty of nightlife and shopping. There are often live bands and independent films along with other activities for students to enjoy. It was named “One of America’s Most Fun Small Towns,” by USA Today and “Best Ohio Hometown,” by Ohio Magazine.

For students and parents who are interested in visiting Antioch College, tours are offered three days per week on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. The tours are one hour long and followed by an information session held by an admissions counselor. A great way to tour the school while also getting a chance to meet many of the faculty and staff is through attending one of the Open Houses offered on Friday, November 22nd and Friday December 6th. For more information about scheduling a visit to Antioch College, click here. Students are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores. They are a test optional school.

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