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Coalition Updates – Related June 28, 2018

According to an email received by Coalition, this week (June 25th) the Profile section on the application will have the below enhancements:

  1. For the first time, student users will begin MyCoalition by answering a short series of questions which will enable the Profile to display “Recommended” and “Optional” sections based upon the student’s responses to these questions.

  2. New adjustments to High School Information, 9th-11th Grade Coursework, 12th Grade Coursework, College Information, and College Coursework provide a simplified process for students to document courses and grades throughout high school.

  3. Several redundant questions that were previously completed for each course have been collapsed into High School Information so that students only need to report the information once.

  4. We reviewed and adjusted all data value lists in 9th-11th Grade Coursework and 12th Grade Coursework. Our goal was to empower students by offering them a clear choice for all students and to do so with the fewest possible choices on any given list.

  5. Their will be a fee waiver for Coalition Veterans.

  6. Extracurricular Activities section will be renamed Activities/Experience and all language will be inclusive of all student experiences.

  7. CBOs that are part of the Coalition Registry (and have a Coalition CBO ID or CCID) will be included on a drop down list (with city, state included in the search) which will enable students to select their affiliation. By the fall, over 200 CBOs will be represented on the list.

  8. Students will be able to see a list of which colleges/universities require a Profile section so that they can decide whether to complete it or not.

  9. Students will be able to click “Profile Check” to highlight sections or questions that are missing or incomplete.

  10. In September, MyCoalition will debut a collection of significant improvements for student supporters, including counselors and CBO advisors.

  11. Finally, please know that MyCoalition is in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR).

Thank you to the Coalition for giving an update on their changes and allowing users to see what is coming this fall!

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