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Class of 2023, Don't Forget Your Last Tasks!

Now that you have crossed the stage, you are ready for your next educational adventure. But before you get too comfortable and relax in the summer's heat, you still have a few items to check off!

Final High School Transcripts Please request your high school transcript as soon as possible. You will want to review your transcript for accuracy, including your grades and address. Your high school transcript reflects your academic performance. Requesting it in advance allows one to review the information for accuracy, including course grades, credits earned, and extracurricular activities. In case of any errors or discrepancies, you will have ample time to rectify them before submission.

File Your Federal FAFSA It's your last chance to submit your FAFSA form for federal aid – if you haven't done so already! The federal deadline for the FAFSA falls on June 30 – so make sure you get yours in before then if you'd like to apply for federal aid.

Connect With Your Future Roommate Create a list of things to discuss with your future roommate, such as who's bringing what to the dorm room, pet peeves, and what each of your daily routines is like - how you sleep, study, hobbies, etc. If you need help finding a roommate, connect with your college's student residential life.

Summer Job Planning Stay relaxed this summer; look for a summer job to help you stay motivated and build a small savings account for your first year.

College Orientation Sessions Email your admissions office to see if they offer a summer orientation. Then, plan for your fall accordingly, and make sure you connect with your advisor or mentor.

Parent Discussions Regarding Financials Be sure to discuss the financial side of your college experience. Discuss budgeting and other financial contributions for college living.

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