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Changes Again in FAFSA

Good news? Bad news? Just news? According to recent headlines, the Education Department will delay changing the FAFSA due to an old system. According to an article in POLITICO, "The Biden administration’s budget request for the coming 2022 fiscal year starting Oct. 1 seeks nearly $195 million to implement the sweeping changes that Congress has made to student aid in recent years — a nearly 90 percent boost from the previous year. The money will help pay for technology and a modernization of back-end systems that process applications from students seeking financial aid or from borrowers seeking to enroll in income-based loan programs. Some of the proposed funding will help the Education Department work with colleges, states and scholarship organizations to update their own systems to accommodate the new FAFSA, according to the department."

Lots of hands are working to help make the changes on the FAFSA implemented for now the class of 2024-2025. Will it be ready? I guess we will have to wait and see. Until then, families should be using the old fashion system which can be found at

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