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If you are like most people, you woke up this morning and realized that you were an hour later than you had thought! You slept in, yet you feel a bit more tired! It's the time of the year when our clocks change, allergies come alive, and the countdown to the end of school begins!

We have an extra hour of daylight until November 6th! Williams Educational Consultants suggest the you use your time wisely and spring forward with your educational plans. Remember to plan ahead, stay focused and crush your goals.

Here Are A Few Spring Tips:

  • Plan appropriately if you're starting the countdown to the end of the school year! Be sure you know your grades in school. Meet with your counselor to plan for the following year, and create your GAFUTURES account!

  • Register for SAT or ACT before space runs out!

SAT 2022 Dates: May 7th and June 4th

ACT 2022 Dates: June 11th and July 16th

  • Plan College Campus Tours - Summer is usually when current students are off-campus, but it is a good time for prospective students to see the campus and learn more. You can always go back early in the fall if you like what you see!

  • Research college majors, scholarships, and continue to build your list.

  • Get creative this spring - brainstorm and write your common application essay.

The above five tips will help you gain power and momentum in your admissions process. Williams Educational Consultants is here, ready to help with all things admissions! So, suppose you need help building your college list, writing your applications and essays, creating your resume, or selecting a major. Then, let us assist you! Helping others choose wisely is our mission and our passion.

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