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Good morning! Auburn University has connected to the Common Application Portal. What you should know about Auburn's new connection:

Auburn University has joined the Common Application.

Auburn University launches the Common Application on Monday, August 17. 

Our process is flexible. 

Applicants will receive a holistic review and be evaluated with either a test score or another supplemental document. If applicants do not have ACT or SAT scores to send to Auburn University, their admissions application will not be penalized.

Applicants will choose one supplemental document for review.

A completed application file includes an admissions application, an application fee or waiver, an unofficial high school transcript, and one supplemental document for review.  The supplemental documents include (applicants will choose one for review):

  • Graded Writing Assignment

  • Expanded High School Resume

  • ACT or SAT scores, AP or IB scores.

Applicants can complete the admissions applications sooner.

Applicants can upload their application fee waiver, unofficial high school transcript and choice of supplemental document when submitting the online application.

Letters of Recommendation are optional.

Applicants can choose to submit up to 3 academic Letters of Recommendation.  These are not needed to complete the application.  Letters of recommendation are optional and are not required. 

You’ll find detailed information on our freshman application page (also here:

For more information about 2021 Admissions connect with Williams Educational Consultants.

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