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Are You Ready For The Answer?

The University of Georgia will be releasing its Early Action Decisions this Friday, November 19th. It's crazy to ponder that 33 days ago today was October 15th, crazy! Since then, The DAWGS admissions office has been busy, I am sure of it!

According to their Undergraduate Admissions blog, decisions will post sometime Friday afternoon, and acceptances will go out in the mail. As we heard earlier in October, the number of applications increased. UGA has stated that the increase in applications has pushed scholarship information to be released in mid-December. However, do not worry, as students will be reviewed for scholarship opportunities through May.

Here is a snapshot of the Early Action Pool by the numbers:

21,537 Early Applications Submitted

3.80-4.21 Mid-50% GPA Average (REMEMBER: UGA Recalculates student's GPA)

27-33 Mid-50% ACT Average

1250-1430 Mid-50% SAT Average

5-11 AP/IB/DE Mid-50% Academic Rigor

What can students expect this Friday? Well, for starters, I am sure the system will be hard to get into as it has been in the past years on their initial release date, but once a student is successful in getting into the system, then he or she will see one of the four possible decisions:

  1. ADMIT - Congratulations! You are now a DAWG!

  2. DEFER - This is not a denial. This decision allows students to continue working hard and be reviewed holistically, from extracurriculars to essays to recommendation letters.

  3. DENY - Attending UGA as a freshman is not possible.

  4. INCOMPLETE DEFER - A small percentage of applicants did not complete their applications. Therefore, if you receive this decision, complete your application ASAP!

So, the wait is finally over, and you now know your future, right? ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is just one tiny decision within a larger landscape of decisions to come. This decision does not impact your future, career, your salary, and it does not change your plans. It's simply an option that allows you to pivot. The question is, how will you pivot? College Admissions decisions should only be a stepping stone toward your future goals. Many students get to where they want to be and where they should be by pivoting one turn at a time. Trust me, Williams Educational Consultants has worked with hundreds of students who pivot!

Pivoting allows you to strategize and plan without losing sight of your future.

Remember: DO NOT INQUIRE BY CALLING, EMAILING, TEXTING, TWEETING, ETC., the Admissions office, as to when the portal will open up on Friday. Just continue to be patient! AND know that WILLIAMS EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS is proud of you!

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