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AP or NOT?

The race has been on for a long time now, and I think students have been running hard, yet some might feel defeated when they cross the finish line. Students take such a heavy load of academic rigor in high school that they might get lost in the race. Finally, when they cross the finish line some might feel deflated, depressed or even confused. The truth is that rigor alone will not gain an acceptance, not in today’s world of admissions.

Now, I’m not suggesting that students should slack off in high school or take less rigor, but I am suggesting that students run their own race. What I do think needs to happen is that students need to do what is best for them and their future, not paint a picture to get into X or Y university. I suggest that students find their passion and interests, so that they can hold onto their drive regardless of who accepts them. Shouldn’t we be teaching students to accept themselves?

This article is very interesting because finally some high school in the US has decided to say “no more” to APs in their curriculum. Will it last? Who will have more consequences (the student or the school)? Will this influence other schools? Read the article here and let me know if you have any thoughts of your own!

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