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All Books...No Play

The Ivy League has always been an influential powerhouse. This Division I program has decided to hang up their uniforms this fall as they will not be participating in football, cross country, men's basketball, sailing, etc. Their focus is on health and education.

Due to the pandemic, they are suspending fall sports in hopes to continue flattening the curve or maybe even decreasing it! Like the schools on the West Coast, when an Ivy School takes action, the world hears it.

If I were a betting consultant, which I am not, I would make my prediction that most fall sports in high school and college settings will look very different this season. If schools are going to play football or any other fall sport in 2020, it might look similar to the NASCAR scene where only the drivers and a few instrumental players are allowed in the pit and no fans in the stadium. I can see where scrimmages might occur, but not full games, full stands, and a parking lot of tailgaters.

Stopping these programs in the fall could help students across the country, which is great. These decisions could also financially hurt sporting programs, small businesses, vendors, clothing companies, caterers, and more. It could also change the way students view schools. Unfortunately, this pandemic makes it very difficult for school officials to declare 2020-2021 as anything but different.

Williams Educational enjoys sports in all areas and understands why schools are thinking to halt athletic programs. Regardless, students, families, alumni, or any interested in sporting events can replay past games, celebrate past wins, and skip the losing seasons. One thing is certain, sports fans are going to have a very different game experience!

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