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ACT is no longer releasing "SECTION RETESTING" - This is now a priority for 2021.

Below is an overview of the announcement that ACT has recently made:

CHANGES: Section Retesting is delayed until later in 2021.

  • Students can expect July test cancellations - This announcement will be released 6/30 and is based on site-by-site. ACT will not say who will or won't be impacted until 6/30

  • Students can REGISTER FOR UPCOMING SCHOOL YEAR at the end of July.


  • Computer-Based testing at a test center will be an option but limited in the fall.

  • Superscores will be added to score reports, but most colleges are not accepting these scores. Students will need to check with their college of choice!

  • At-home administrations are possibly going to go live in the fall or winter of 2020-2021.

For more information about the changes in ACT administration, visit

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