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A New Word For The New Year!

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, I reflected on 2022 by looking at the pictures I took with my phone. And wow, I took a lot of photos! Last year was filled with new friendships, spending time with family, and enjoying the small things in life. As a wife and mother, I experience new adventures daily! My family grounds me and helps me stay centered on what really matters in life! Here are some of my favorite personal highlights from last year:


My family and I began building our new home.

Attended basketball games.

Ate a lot of pizza!


Saw Andrea Bocelli live.

Toured colleges with a soon-to-be senior!

Sold our home.


Watched a lot of baseball.

Spent time at the kids' school.

Celebrated monumental birthdays (16 & 50) Neither were mine!!


Toured more colleges!

Ate at the Flora-Bama Line and played in the sand!

Volunteered at an assisted living home.


Moved our family and pets into a 700 square foot rental!

Celebrated the end of the school year.

Enjoyed the scenery of living by the lake.


Purchased our new home.

Played in the pool.

Sent my middle child to sleep away camp.


Made new friends with the neighbors.

Blessed our new home.

Learned about the farm life.


Started a new academic school year.

Enjoyed watching my football player

Played a little tennis!


Listened to music under the Friday night lights.


Boarded the Galactic Starcrusiser!


Toured more colleges.


Trick-or-treated in new territory!


Hosted my 1st Thanksgiving.

Baked a lot of pumpkin pies.

Saw Santa Claus!


Received our first chickens' eggs.

Hosted Christmas.

Bought our oldest a goldfish!

While reflecting on last year's photos, I had one word come to mind,

Centered. For me, centered is about being present with mental and emotional confidence.

I chose centered as my word to reflect on throughout the year, as being centered will help me stay focused and grounded and allow for even more opportunities. Share your word with Williams Educational Consultants by posting on our Facebook page @WilliamsEducationalConsultants or Instagram at @WilliamsEducationalConsultants or Twitter @AdmissionsToday.

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