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Identify academic schools in metro-Atlanta for all student-types. Help with IEP/504 meetings.

Guide students through their high school opportunities that lead to best college fit.

Help students find the right degree and programs that fits their career goals and academic interests.

Assess & coach clients to help them focus on their interests, learning strategies & career options.

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Williams Educational Consultants, founded by Wendy Williams in 2005, provides educational counseling nationwide, coaching students with their academic journey. Specializing in Private School Placement (K-12 Admissions), College Admissions, Graduate School, Academic and Career Coaching, and more, our consultants provide wisdom, structure, and guidance....Read More About Williams Educational

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Our Client Experiences

"I would have not gotten into graduate school if it had not been for Wendy Williams. She helped me so much and I can honestly say I would never have been accepted to a great school like Clemson University, had I not had Wendy as my educational consultant. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs the resources, as well as a mentor to come to, during the application process."

Kailee Place

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