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Emoji Essay Submission

🎓 "Attention aspiring college applicants! 🎓

Williams Educational 🦉 is excited to announce that we have created a new approach to essay formatting: Emoji Essay Submission. Are you tired of struggling to find the perfect words to express yourself in your college essays? Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to emoji-based storytelling!

Here's how it works: instead of writing traditional essays, compose your responses using emojis to convey your personality, interests, and aspirations. 🎓🌟

For example:

  • 📚🎨🎭 = "I'm passionate about literature, art, and theater."

  • 🚀🔬💫 = "I dream of exploring the cosmos and making groundbreaking discoveries in science."

  • 🌍🌱👩‍⚕️ = "I aspire to make a positive impact on the world through environmental activism and a career in healthcare."

Do you know what today is? It is April Fools' Day. Although using emojis in your college essay would be fun, it is best to leave them out! However, feel free to leave your emoji example in our comments! Williams Educational Consultants hopes you have a day filled with laughter and fun to celebrate a tradition that dates back to Ancient Roman times. 

Here are a few fun tricks that colleges have pulled off in years past:

Pomona College Admissions Prank" (2013): Pomona College, located in Claremont, California, announced on April Fools' Day that it would be instituting a new policy called the "Z-list," which purportedly guaranteed admission to students who could prove they had never received a grade lower than a B in high school. While the announcement was obviously a prank, it garnered Attention and sparked conversation among students and the broader academic community.

MIT Admissions Hack" (2006): Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is known for its playful spirit, and in 2006, the admissions office announced on April Fools' Day that it had created an innovative new application process called "MindReader." According to the prank announcement, MindReader utilized advanced technology to analyze applicants' brainwaves and determine their suitability for MIT. While a joke, the prank showcased MIT's creativity and humor.

Rice University's "Mascot Swap" (2009): Rice University's student-run radio station, KTRU, announced on April Fools' Day that the university's mascot, the owl, would be replaced with the "Flying Spaghetti Monster." The prank included fake interviews with university officials and detailed descriptions of the new mascot's appearance.

You can look online and find all kinds of fun today! 

We hope that joy and laughter fill your day!

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