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Tips For The 2014-2015 Application Season

The Common Application went live this morning at 8:00 a.m. ET. Today is a great day to login to their website,, and create your account. You can even add a few schools that you plan on applying to this fall. As the application season begins, it is important to remember that your applications take time and require additional documents like teacher recommendations, college supplements, activity lists, standardized tests scores, high school profile, etc. Therefore, you cannot wait until the last minute to start this process.

Here are some tips when beginning your application(s):

1. Keep Track – Be sure to keep record of all your usernames and passwords. I would encourage you to create a word document that is labeled College Usernames/Passwords and use it to record all of your important login information.

2. Create A Calendar – Make a calendar of all your deadlines either on a desk calendar, a word document, an excel spreadsheet or on your telephone. If you use your calendar on your phone then I would recommend creating alerts in that calendar so that you are reminded of deadlines at least 2 weeks earlier than the actual college deadline.

3. Find A Quiet Place – Find a place to work on your applications either in your home, a coffee shop or your local library where you can concentrate. Having this designated work environment will give you structure.

4. Create A Folder For Each School – This will be a great place to store your completed applications as well as any information that you might receive from that college. It is also a good idea to put a label on the outside of the folder with information like the Admissions Officer’s name and contact, deadlines, applications requirements, etc.

5. Fill In The Mindless Questions First- Begin filling out the information on the application(s) like your family background, academic history, testing information, etc. now. This part of the application requires little thought and is easy to complete.

6. Start Your Essay(s) Now! – There is no reason to wait. The writing portion of the application is the hardest and will take the most time.

7. Know The Requirements – Double-check all application requirements, especially for standardized testing. October might be the last time for you to be able to take SAT Subject Tests. Please be certain that you are aware of all of your school’s requirements and their testing policies.

In addition to the above tips, you might want to check out a few cool apps that can be downloaded to your phone. However, if you use any phone application that has a list of college essays and or deadlines, it is imperative that you also check the actual college website to verify all information.

Take a look at the below:

1. All College Application Essays 2. Naviance Student 3. ACT College Search 4. Things 5. Dictionary 6. College Guide 7. College Confidential 8. Peterson’s College Guide 9. Dropbox 10. Pages

The above apps might help you stay organized and give you helpful information. Please remember to always look at the college specific website for the most up to date and correct information.

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