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Sit in the front row!

My family and I have been going to the same church for about a year now, and while it has been a change in pace and tradition, we have grown to enjoy the music and the message. As an Episcopalian, I want the choir, the organ, and the liturgy readings. In addition, when we attend an Episcopal church, I enjoy kneeling at the altar, receiving communion weekly, and sitting in the front row! Attending a non-denominational church has less kneeling, and the scenery is slightly different.

With the change in music and message, my family and I always chose to sit in the back row. It felt safer. If the main worship room were full, we would gladly go upstairs and watch the service on the large screen.

However, something happened this past weekend. We walked into the service during the praise band, and the back row was full. The usher saw us, came to our rescue (so I thought), and asked how many seats we needed. My husband said, three, please. The woman looked at me and asked, "Do you have a preference?" I responded with, "I guess not!"

So we walked down the row to the front with three open seats. We stood during the worship band, watching the guitarists, drummers, and singers perform. We listened and watched their movements. Then the music stopped, and the sermon started. That is when I plugged in and listened for the entire sermon. I did not touch my phone or doodle on a scrap piece of paper, and my eyes weren't wandering from screen to screen. I was 100% capturing the words and lesson the Pastor delivered.

I heard the message. The view was better. The message was clearer. I even had more legroom. The Pastor saw me directly, and I had no distractions.

I felt like I was in the classroom again. As a student, I always sat in the front row, always! I don't know why I decided to experience church in the back row this past year, but I am grateful that I found the front row again.

If you haven't sat in the front row ever or lately, it's time. Here are four critical benefits of sitting in the front:

  1. Increase in engagement.

  2. Fewer distractions.

  3. Increase in productivity.

  4. Stronger connection with the teacher.

It can be difficult to grab that seat but trust me, it is worth it! Williams Educational Consultants recommends getting in front again from the line leader to the classroom to your clubs. It's time to get involved, stay focused, and connect with others!

In admissions, it's about getting ahead, staying in front, and putting your best foot forward, and the best place to do that is in the front row! It gets easier over time. Take a deep breath and walk toward the front, grab a seat and get ready to unplug, listen and learn.

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