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School Highlight of the Week – Whitefield Academy

Whitefield Academy is a Christ Centered College Prep School located in Atlanta, Ga for grades Pre-K through 12th . The school was formed in 1996 by the partnership of the Cranmer School and the Mount Vernon Christian Academy and named after the 18th century Evangelist George Whitefield. The goal was to provide Atlanta with a Christian school that is “academically excellent, financially sound and spiritually alive.” The mission of the school is to “bolster Christian families in rearing young people who go on to college and life with a passion for learning, for others ahead of self, and for the living and active Jesus.”

Whitefield Academy offers excellent core courses, honors courses and AP classes that challenge students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers from the earliest ages. At present, enrollment includes 650 students, of which 100% attend a college or university. Each year, these graduates are awarded with 4-6 million dollars in scholarships. I also think their Guidance Counselors do an exceptional job in the college process.

Class sizes at Whitefield average 16 to 20 students. In the Upper School, students contribute over 6,000 hours per year in community service projects, compete in 20 Varsity sports and deliver two major drama productions per year. Juniors and Seniors participate in a Life and Planning course which helps them determine college selection, college majors and possible career paths.

In the Middle School, there are many activities and athletics ranging from golf to lacrosse. In the Lower School, students have special classes such as Art, Spanish, Library, Music, Physical Education and Computers. They begin strong composition writing in Kindergarten and are offered after school programs in chess, ballet, music, art, tennis, soccer and volleyball.

I recently visited Whitefield Academy and was very impressed with their facilities, teachers and student interactions. On my visit, I learned that they are looking at providing Ipad Devices during the school day for classroom technological experiences. These devices will be on a cart that can be locked up and stored after hours. This will enable students to utilize technology within the classroom without worrying about individual devices being left at home, forgotten or lost.

Parents and students can partake in Friday morning tours, parent information coffee and family open houses. The first steps are to complete an online application and then schedule required testing (Joint Admissions Testing Program for K-5 and SSAT for 6-12). One parent or guardian must profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and students must have commendable behavior records.

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