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Reminder: Check your application status

Please be sure to check your application status for your schools, especially for your upcoming October 15th deadline. Depending on your high school's process, students should visit their Naviance, Score, Common Application or other account to verify all materials have been received.

The above is an example of the Common Application, which shows that the counselor has not submitted her recommendation, but the student did invite the counselor. If you see this in your common application in the "My College" section or if you show that your teacher has not yet submitted their recommendation, please get in touch with them immediately. Also, for students who use Naviance or Score, please check your transcript and teacher requests.

When you submit your application(s), students should receive an email from the college that says, "Thank you for applying to X University. Your next step is to activate your application status check portal. The application status check allows you to view the most up to date information about your application." Please know that this should be in your inbox 48 hours after submitting. Therefore, you must follow the instructions accordingly, as this will be the most efficient method to check your status.

A complete application should show "RECEIVED" or a check mark next to the items listed.

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