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On Standardized Testing

The SAT registration is finally open for spring!

This summer, the College Board only opened fall and winter test dates so they could plan for the March digital test launch in the US.

Now it's ready, and students can register for March through June 2024 test dates on the College Board website here.With the March SAT just five months away, it is time to plan.

Does your student need assistance in preparing for the SAT or ACT? Do you and your family know the differences and similarities between these exams?

Williams Educational offers FREE mock tests to clients. Please get in touch with Wendy Williams today to learn more about the differences between SAT and ACT and plan for your student's testing timeline.

Reminder: December 2nd, SAT, is the last paper test date. Students must register by November 2nd via CollegeBoard. The future will be digital.

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