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My Daily Principles Thanks To My Clients

One of the most significant rewards of being an Educational Consultant is receiving referrals from my clients. These recommendations are music to my ears because it tells me that I am helping others reach their goals and that they are enthusiastic about their educational plans. So, over the last few weeks, as I am building the next class to help, I thought about my role as an Independent Educational Consultant. These are five essential principles that I stand by daily.

TO EDUCATE: It is a great pleasure to teach students and parents about the world of admissions, educational choices and career options. The best thing to do is to teach others about a process that can be relatively difficult to understand. Additionally, it is even more enjoyable to help students understand who they are outside and inside the classroom. I use many tools to help educate students, like the Myers-Briggs-career profile. For instance, being certified as an MBTI practitioner helps students build self-awareness, assist in career development, identify strengths, explain weaknesses, etc. Educating clients is an essential part of assisting students in planning their educational journey.

"an amazing job focusing on my individual needs rather than just adopting a "cookie cutter" approach. I couldn't imagine going through this process without her!" Student

TO GIVE UNBIASED PERSPECTIVE: I have helped over 1400 students across the US, and each client has their biases, but I try to help them identify their reasonings and teach them to think outside of their prejudgements. The best way to help give an unbiased perspective is to listen to others and help them discover facts important for their educational journey.

"You are always precise with your feedback and care so much about the kids. Glad you are in my circle!" Professional

TO PARTICIPATE IN PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTS: As a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), Higher Educational Consultants Association (HECA- GA Liaison), Learning Disabilities of Georgia (LD-GA), Enrollment Management Association (EMA), National Association of Scholars (NAS), Southern Association for College Admissions (SACAC), and American Counseling Association (ACA), National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and National College Admissions Group (NCAG), I adhere to all regulations and policies stated in each association's ethical guidelines I attend conferences, seminars, and presentations on all things educational. I enjoy receiving many emails daily with articles, updates, and listserves. The conversations help strengthen my mindset and provide updated information for my clients.

"She helped make the college application process as seamless and least stressful as possible." Student

TO REMAIN CURRENT IN THE FIELD: I must keep in contact with Admissions Officers at universities, local day schools, psychologists, tutors, and other great mentors. With over 350 colleges seen to date and more virtual tours than I dare to mention, understanding the culture, community, and admissions trends is critical in this field. One of the most significant objections from parents is that the admissions process has changed drastically since their application season. Most families are lost and confused until they reach my organization. Staying current allows them to identify with reality versus the legends of admissions.

"I personally love her approach which is very student oriented; meaning the student drives the bus, not the parent. I got to sit back and enjoy the ride." Parent

TO BE THE BEST CONSULTANT POSSIBLE: My role is of great importance because it helps families come together in search of a promising educational future. Families seek my counsel because they have heard about me through friends, relatives, or co-workers. They might have completed a Google search or asked a question on Nextdoor or Facebook. Clients often read my Google reviews and want to experience a thorough educational search, a comprehensive placement program, or a consultation that provides answers and support. With over 20 years of experience, I have learned that honesty is of utmost importance, but so is kindness and empathy. I truly love my career and am grateful that I chose a profession that allows me to help others, especially during uncertainty. Assisting and guiding parents, students, professionals, and friends enable me to grow as a consultant and an entrepreneur.

Thank you to all the families who have allowed me to help and guide their most precious gifts - their children. Williams Educational Consultants would not be what it is today without you.

Wendy Williams, M.A., IEC

Williams Educational Consultant

(770) 633-1478

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