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Letter of Recommendations #classof2024

I know you are busy with finals and AP exams, but I want to remind you to request your letter of recommendation for college before your junior year ends. It is important to ask with professionalism and courtesy, as your teachers are doing this as a favor to you. Most students should ask for two recommendations from teachers who will write descriptive and thoughtful letters about their abilities and strengths.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure you make a strong request:

1. Choose the right people to ask:

Consider asking teachers, counselors, or other adults who know you well and can speak to your academic abilities and character.

2. Ask in person:

It's best to ask for a letter of recommendation in person if possible, as it allows you to explain

your reasons for applying to college and express your appreciation for their help.

3. Be clear and specific:

Explain what you're applying for and what you hope the letter will convey about you as a candidate. Provide any necessary details, such as a resume, application deadlines, or specific requirements for the recommendation. The best letters of recommendation include examples, anecdotes, and illustrations of the qualities the writer is describing.

4. Give them time:

Give your recommenders ample time to write the letter. At least two weeks is recommended, but more is better.

5. Follow up:

After a week, check in with your recommenders to see if they need additional information or clarification.

6. Say, "Thank you!":

After they have completed the letter, be sure to thank your recommenders for their time and effort. Consider sending a small thank-you note or gift as a token of appreciation.

Remember, the teachers and mentors you ask for a letter of recommendation are doing you a favor, so be polite, respectful, and grateful for their help. I have attached a form that may be useful in requesting a letter of recommendation.

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