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Insider Tips: Admission Math+

Rick Clark is an expert in college admissions and a giver of information. He spends time offering mindful tips, thoughtful advice, and support to families worldwide. He is an author, blogger, podcaster, Assistant vice provost, and executive director of Undergraduate Admission at Georgia Institute of Technology. Williams Educational has been honored to hear him speak at conferences and learn from him about Tech Admissions and Admissions in general. He wrote a blog recently about "3 Messages" that all families should read. It was packed with great information about Admission Math, Adulting, and the overall perception about admissions.

As a consultant, understanding admission math is just as important as the ability to guide and mentor parents and students. Most families seeking an IEC at Williams Educational say, "It's been 20 plus years since I applied to college!" or "If I applied today to my alma mater, I would never get in." Both statements are presumably factual! Therefore, it is important to teach families about the process which includes math, writing and creating an applicant's story.

I founded and built my practice for the applicant's heart so that students can acknowledge the importance of their academic, social, and financial goals. To experience the admissions process successfully, students must look internally to define who they are, their passions and interests, and how driven they are to go after their target.

The milestone of applying to college is a series of life lessons. Students will have to embrace failure and focus on the positive while caring for their mental and social health. Being a teen today is not easy; with so much at their fingertips, they often get sucked into the drama of admissions. I encourage all parents and students, no matter where you are in the process, to stay true to your journey, learn admission math, and lean on those who know the process and who care about your student!

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