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How to Reduce Stress – College Admissions

Jill Madenberg is a college admission professional who knows the college process like the back of her hand. Through many years of helping parents and students through this often anxious and stressful time, she has come up with some tips and tricks for those going through the process in order to reduce stress:

1. There are around 4,000 colleges in the country. If you want to go to college and you are willing to put in the work, you will get into schools that would love to have you.

2. Parents tend to stress out their students by lovingly bombarding them with questions and deadlines. Designate one hour a week to discuss the college process. Sundays from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. seem to work well. Parents are not allowed to discuss or ask their student anything regarding the process outside of this window unless the student brings it up first.

3. Upcoming high school seniors: It’s crucial to relax over the summer; however, it is also crucial to make a dent in your college admissions work. Otherwise, senior year will be even more stressful than necessary.

4. Making a real visible difference in a group or club looks better on a resume than a “president” or “secretary” position. Don’t get hung up on a big title. Remain authentic.

5. Be open to looking beyond the schools your classmates and friends are going to. You can have the most wonderful experience at a school you didn’t even know existed. Schools try and create diversity through accepting students from all around the world.

Don’t allow the process to overwhelm you. It can be happy and exciting if you allow it to be!

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