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Hotter days are only weeks away!

How is it possible that this school year is almost over? Students only have eight weeks or so remaining until summer! With flipped classrooms, online cohort groups, homeschooling, virtual learning, and fewer in-person teaching days this year, students are more fatigued than ever!

With summer approaching, families across the nation are planning for a season that will be inspiring, refreshing, and extraordinary for their students. Of course, the problem remains that many of the summer programs are virtual. However, if your student can find an in-person program, Williams Educational Consultants encourages you to enroll.

Summer experiences allow students an opportunity to learn from a leader or a positive role model. It also helps students engage with other students from different educational and community backgrounds. The best thing that summer programs provide is an opportunity for exploration. Experiencing a college setting or a new community helps students explore interests and academic passions. If you are looking for your child to connect with new mentors, build relationships with peers, and become more self-reliant, think about summer programs! The summer season is ultimately a great time for college preparation and a great way to avoid sleeping through the hot summer days!

*Hot Summer Programs:

*Please note that Williams Educational does not endorse the above summer programs.

When researching summer programs, parents should inquire about the following characteristics:

  1. Saftey of Camper

  2. Philosophy of Camp Program

  3. Method of teaching

  4. Supervision from faculty

  5. Options during free time

  6. Location and cost of Program

  7. Diversity of peers

  8. Length of program

  9. Application Process

  10. The goal of the camp program

It is vital to check all accreditation, background information and speak with parents and students who have attended in past years. Most families want to be sure that their student is safely learning by responsible and kind mentors. Background checks by programs should be required for employees! All programs should adhere to COVID-19 policies. These are only a few things to look at when searching for summer programs. Please reach out to Williams Educational for summer program assistance.

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