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Happy New Year - Seek Joy In 2021

A year ago today, Williams Educational sent out an email encouraging clients to think about their current habits, lofty plans, "perfect vision," and advice on creating a vision board. Looking back at last year's email, I was interested in revisiting my vision board for 2020 to see what I had written. Honestly, It's been a few months since I reviewed that page in my annual calendar.

When creating my vision board for the year, I typically start writing one word centered on a blank page. Last year's word was "joy." Better yet, I wrote the verb "seek" in front of it! I had written goals and plans scattered on the page and even posted pictures and keywords around the phrase "SEEK JOY." Seeing this phrase again, I paused.

2020 was hard for all of us. Yet, I still was able to seek joy. My positive attitude, hours of reflection, and gratitude for humanity allowed me to seek joy in my family, children, community, friends, and clients. Thanks to my clients and community, I am supported and able to do what I enjoy so much - mentoring and counseling families with their educational journey.

A new year is here. We all need a reset button to reorganize, regroup, or reassess our plans. The good news is that each year is an opportunity for a fresh start. But then so is each week. Actually, every day we get a new beginning!

This year, I hope that each of you can take the day as it comes and find ways to see the joy in your world. 2021 will still have its ups and downs and unexpected turns. Regardless, I encourage each of you to seek joy daily. Be patient, be kind, and have a positive outlook. If 2020 taught us anything, we need to be more present, thoughtful and appreciate our surroundings.

Happy New Year!

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