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Grade Inflation - Is it helping our students?

Various factors, like supply chain issues, demand, currency, etc., can influence inflation, but grade inflation is very different.

In today's educational landscape, the term "grade inflation" has become a recurring topic of discussion. It refers to the gradual rise in average grades awarded to students over time without necessarily reflecting a proportional increase in academic abilities or achievements. This phenomenon, while multifaceted, raises pertinent questions about the integrity of grading systems, educational standards, and the accurate measurement of student learning.

Eventually, as the educational landscape changes for students. They will have to find their motivation through factors other than grades. The four-wall classroom experience becomes a sphere, and the professor or teacher no longer teaches. And the grades go away.

So, are we preparing our students for success if grade inflation occurs across systems? And I am not just speaking about high school, but college too!

Read here to learn what Reporter By Amelia Nierenberg found on this subject matter.

Williams Educational believes students should focus on cultivating an environment that fosters learning, growth, and academic excellence, not just the grade. After all, as a parent, has anyone ever asked you about your college GPA?

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