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Get Wisdom from a parent regarding the college process

What did you find most challenging about the college process and how did working with Wendy Williams help you? What advice would you give another parent about the college process?

The college selection process was pretty overwhelming for us. Even though we had great councilors at our school, Carli’s “undecided/undeclared” status did not make for easy answers. Choosing Wendy to help us absolutely made for a much smoother process. Wendy did so much work with Carli to really understand what she was looking for – and Carli is not your typical kid. I know we all say that, but Carli had requirements around some unusual topics. She wanted a challenging, respected, diverse school near whitewater rivers, a different ideological culture from where she grew up, a cool urban feel yet not too big – and a must was an authentic coffee shop. Well, this is the sort of challenge that Wendy is made for – with Wendy’s guidance and evaluation tools in hand we visited many campuses that helped Carli come to terms with her needs and wants. An objective – and in Wendy’s case, very approachable – professional really helps with some of the friction that families can encounter in this process. So here we are, with Carli off to her first year of college at The University of Vermont and she couldn’t be more excited and optimistic about the next four years.

Lola and Tom Beisel

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