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Farewell SAT & ACT

According to a recent article in Inside Higher Ed, "The University of California Board of Regents voted 23 to 0 to approve President Janet Napolitano's plan to phase out the use of SAT and ACT. The UC System is known for some of the best universities nationwide, and has the most applicants in terms of testing in the past! Saying goodbye to the SAT and ACT is going to impact both organizations financially. 

Inside Higher Ed, states that the new plan proposes:

  • Class of 2021 and 2022, the UC system become test-optional, and SAT writing test is no longer required.

  • Class of 2023 and 2024, UC would use SAT & ACT for scholarships and the state-guaranteed admissions, known as test-blind.

  • Class of 2025, this is the class that would have a new standardized test that would be created by UC System. However, Nonresidents of California could submit either SAT/ACT scores or scores on the new test.

  • If the new test is not available by 2025, then the University System of California would become test-blind! 

Based on history, more colleges and universities are most likely to follow the UC System. WIth COVID19 this past year, many schools have already created a two or 3-year testing plan for incoming first-year students. Applerouth, a test prep company, has a sampling of schools that have already gone test-optional. Fairtest, a non-profit organization, advocates for testing options for students. In 2019, 47 schools added test-optional admissions requirements. With 2020 being known for the "shelter in place," even more schools have had changes in their testing policies. 

COVID19 has impacted the testing world in admissions. Going forward, would it not be fantastic if applicants could be interviewed and assessed on their course history and grades, but also personality factors like empathy, warmth, emotional stability, social boldness, rule-consciousness, etc. Imagine if faculty members who have taught students during summer or an online program or have had an opportunity to research with them could recommend or refer students to various programs? I wonder what could happen if department heads could recruit applicants. Whatever occurs in the world of admissions going further, Williams Educational Consultants will help you choose wisely by giving the best advice, counsel, and guidance possible. 

At Williams Educational Consultants, Wendy Williams has worked with over 1000 students nationwide in just under 20 years. Her background in counseling and knowledge of admissions allows families to search, find, and seek the schools that academically, socially, and financially work for the student. As an Educational Consultant, Wendy Williams mentors students by identifying their strengths, blindspots, and interests, as well as connecting families to the best programs for their students' academic success.

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