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Fall In Love With Writing This February

Your college essay allows you to offer the admissions committee further insight into your strengths, potential, and personality. Admissions committees "shape" each incoming class and hope to achieve a diverse group of students – those who play the piano, those who make winning touchdowns, those who volunteer, those with leadership experience, and those whose research may someday produce remarkable cures. Your essay allows you to speak your voice and present your uniqueness to the selection committee. In short, Your Words Add Value to the Numbers on your application!" Most students have never written a personal statement that serves this purpose.

At Williams Educational Consultants, our consultants enjoy working with students to develop an idea, write a meaningful response, and create an opportunity to teach the reader something more about the applicant.

In February, Williams Educational Consultants hopes to teach our clients, subscribers, friends and those that follow us on social media a few ideas on how to discover which question to write about and fall in love with the process! So be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our YouTube Channel to understand how to add real value to your application!

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