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Early Action Deadline 10/15

Williams Educational reminds all seniors that Application Deadlines are approaching for Early Action (October 15th). Every college and university has admissions requirements, which can include the following elements to help colleges learn more about your story:

Common Application

This is one application that goes to all schools. Please know that you can make limited changes after you submit your application. For instance, students can add new items to certain areas of the Academic History, Supporting Information, and Program Materials sections (e.g., test scores, experiences, optional documents, etc.), where applicable, but you cannot edit existing submissions.

Essay (or Supplemental writing sample)

The essay is one of the most critical parts of your application and your chance to shine. Please have the most updated and correct essay in your Common App. Once you submit, you will not be able to change the application.


Your transcript shows the high school(s) you attended, the courses taken, and your grades. Colleges use this information to determine if you satisfy admissions and eligibility requirements. It is also used to determine if you met high school graduation requirements. Please remember that WEC sent an email and discussed with all students about colleges requiring the SSAR. Find out if your school is on that list here.

Test Scores:

These include your scores from the SAT or ACT. Colleges vary on whether they consider the SAT essay when they review applications. Be sure to know which schools you send scores to and send them officially through a testing agency.


Students must sign the FERPA. Be sure your student has asked their recommenders for recommendations -- teachers, guidance counselors, employers, or any adult who can comment, favorably and in-depth, on your skills, maturity, integrity, and personality. All high schools use different platforms (EX, Naviance, Scoir, Common APP, etc.). Be sure you know how your student has to request recommendation letters.

List of Activities/Resume

This list should include all your extracurricular activities throughout high school. Some websites like Canva and can help you craft a professional résumé to submit with your application. It typically is not necessary but good for you to create.

Application Fee

You must submit a credit card for the application fee at the time of submitting.

Supplemental Essays/My Colleges

If required, include an answer to their specific question. Ensure it is accurate and strong. Please be sure you are answering the question and make sure you have answered college specific question under "My College".

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