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Quick and Helpful Facts About University of Georgia:

This public college, located in Athens, Georgia, sits on about 40,000 acres and was home to 35,197 students in 2014. Students can choose from 22 Baccalaureate degrees in over 140 fields. UGA’s motto is “to teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things.” It was ranked 21st in U.S. News and World Report’s 2013 “Best Colleges.” UGA offers more than 600 registered student organizations, such as athletic clubs, honor societies, religious organizations, social gatherings and greek life. Last year, UGA’s incoming, freshmen class average SAT score was 1800-2060 and ACT was 30. The best time to tour UGA is on a weekday in the Fall, Spring or Summer when classes are in session and students are on campus.

A Student’s View: Alex is a senior at UGA and pursuing a Psychology major. After a recent interview with our friend, Alex, we learned he loves the sense of community on campus at UGA, how there are always student organization events in Tate Plaza and how involved the student body can be! If Alex could change anything about UGA, he would add a couple more busses to the routes and update the interior of some of the classroom buildings. Overall, Alex continues to have a great experience at UGA!

For more information regarding UGA and its admission be sure to check out

Go Dawgs!

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