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Class of 2024: Make Things Happen

I recently read an old saying that struck a chord with me, especially when I think about high school seniors as they start their last semester of high school and wait until May 1st to declare their final decision. 

I am confident you have heard it, but even if you have, reread it slowly:

"Some people make things happen, 
Others watch things happen. 
The rest wonder what happened." ~ Tommy Lasorda

Today, I want to address students who "watch things happen" and the others who "wonder what happened." Between January 1st and June 1st, students have 152 days to make things happen. Working with over 2,000 students in 20 years, I have witnessed a few who fall into the two categories! And I have grown to understand the seriousness of Senioritis.   

Senioritis is a term used to describe a phenomenon often observed among high school seniors. It refers to a decline in motivation, enthusiasm, and academic engagement that can occur during the final year of schooling. Senioritis typically manifests as a lack of interest in completing assignments, attending classes, and maintaining academic performance equivalent to the last three years. 

Students have written applications and received acceptances from many, and the first-semester mid-year report has been released to all other colleges, holding back on regular decisions until March. Students feel locked in between a world they understand and one they are afraid to commit to, leaving many to the challenges of Senioritis. 

Some people make things happen, 
Others watch things happen. 
The rest wonder what happened. ~ Tommy Lasorda 

How do parents, teachers, and faculty help students "make things happen" and continue their last five months of high school with enthusiasm and motivation for their future? Maintaining motivation, staying focused on academic goals, and finishing the school year strong are essential tasks for all seniors!

Williams Educational suggests the following to all seniors in hopes that they will complete their high school career feeling ready and confident:

Set Clear Goals:

Define your academic and personal goals for the remainder of the

school year. Having specific objectives can help keep you motivated.

Stay Organized:

Keep track of assignments, deadlines, and important dates to avoid 

last-minute stress.

Maintain a Routine:

Establishing a routine can help you stay disciplined and focused on 

your studies.

Stay Engaged in Classes:

Engage in class discussions and ask questions to stay intellectually 


Seek Support:

Seek support from teachers, counselors, or classmates who can

provide guidance and encouragement.

Maintain Healthy Habits:

Ensure you sleep well, exercise regularly, and maintain a balanced

diet. Physical well-being contributes to mental alertness.

Focus on Future Plans:

Remind yourself of your future goals and plans. Maintaining a

perspective on the importance of your current education can help

you stay motivated. 

Complete your college admissions process:

  1. Complete FAFSA & CSS Profile

  2. Appy to Institutional Scholarships

  3. Revisit your top 3 acceptances

  4. Join Facebook/Instagram groups to meet students.

  5. RSVP for "Admitted Student Day"

Some people make things happen, 
Others watch things happen. 
The rest wonder what happened. ~ Tommy Lasorda 

Williams Educational is here to help you complete your journey and be a student who can "make things happen!" Although I am an Atlanta Braves fan, Tommy Lasorda delivered his words to help others understand what differentiates successful individuals from the rest. Lasorda emphasizes that success goes beyond relying solely on physical strength or intellectual abilities.

Instead, it hinges on possessing steadfast determination and unwavering willpower. Hopefully, the Class of 2024 will be patient, embrace learning opportunities, maintain a positive mindset, visualize success, set clear goals, and seek support when needed. Moving forward, making informed decisions, and positively surrounding oneself with others are essential to completing the admissions journey! 

Some people make things happen ~Tommy Lasorda

Williams Educational strongly encourages you to finish your high school journey with resilience and relish the remaining months. Let's take a moment to celebrate your current accomplishments!

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