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  • Wendy Williams

Character Should Matter In Admissions

We all know that this past spring has rocked the world of admissions from universities dropping standardized testing to campuses closings to online tours. Parents and students are frustrated and nervous about what the new admissions year will look like and how families will be able to search, apply, and ultimately select the best academic setting.

WSJ wrote a fantastic article about this topic and shed some light on what the next few years could expect about the admissions process. Williams Educational Consultants has always emphasized the student's personality, unique interests, and character traits when working with students. I find that discovering these innate preferences can significantly influence decisions leading to the best academic setting. As an IEC, I firmly believe that a noncognitive assessment tool is a fantastic way to uncover a prospective student's self-control, social awareness, teamwork, and more. Bringing the student back to the center of the admissions process will enhance the community in many ways.

Many of my students take the Character Snapshot assessment for middle and high school placement. As a member of EMA, I have found that the results are great conversation starters as well as helpful for student character development. For more information, connect with Williams Educational Consultants.

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