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Beyond the End Zone

Rick Clark has done it again! If you don't know of him, you should. His blogs express wisdom and genuine information about admissions. He contributes articles and insights regarding the college admissions process to various publications and hosts a podcast. His authentic leadership, honesty, and knowledge create a team at Georgia Tech that is encouraging and helpful for families, consultants, and professionals. Most recently, he has written a blog that is 1000 words and compares the latest football championship this past Saturday to the admissions process.

If you aren't a college football fan, you should know that the University of Alabama (#8) beat the Bulldogs (#1) in the SEC Championship, which sent Alabama to the College Football Playoffs. However, the most significant narrative is that FSU (#5) won the ACC Championship but did not make it into the College Football Playoffs, regardless of beating everyone they played. So, was it worth it?

I imagine that lifelong Seminole fans are furious and hurt about the committee's decision that FSU will not have a chance to win its first national title since 2013. On the contrary, I am guessing that Alabama fans feel that they deserve to be able to continue playing their season.

Regardless, football fans across the South are disappointed. But this is not an article about football.

I could not agree more with Rick's wisdom. The truth is that there are incredible students who have worked hard in the classroom and community. Most students do all they can to grab a spot at their favorite universities, but sometimes more is needed. In Rick. Clark's blog, he states, "Supply and Demand is an issue" and "Stats do not guarantee slots". He also mentions that finances and geographical location matter in the game.

So, what advice does Williams Educational Consultants have for families? The College Admissions process is an opportunity to explore options and showcase your achievements through self-reflection, which leads to personal growth. The process offers opportunities to build character and resilience, connect with others, and sharpen writing skills. It even helps with executive functioning skills.

Life is about finding success, actively seeking and creating opportunities. Each day presents its hurdles, and overcoming these challenges builds character and resilience. College football embodies resilience, just like college admissions. Each game, win or lose, teaches valuable lessons. No matter the outcome, what matters most is how you respond and show up the next day, ready to tackle challenges, learn from experiences, and strive for success. Keep working hard, students; only you can judge your success. Life is about fulfilling your aspirations and realizing your potential.

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