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Back To School - August 1st

Many counties across Georgia go back to the classroom tomorrow!

Williams Educational Consultants wishes each of you an incredible beginning as you start the new academic year. As an Educational Consultant to families across the nation, I want to express my sincere hope that you find joy in your journey and that your motivation rises today for tomorrow's events. Attending school and learning should never be a chore but an opportunity to connect with peers and mentors and be part of a greater community. The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to plan for it today!

Motivation is an essential ingredient for success. Although motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic, I recommend that students strive to intrinsically find their motivation for the school year because if you engage in the classroom for the lessons, friendships and greater community then it will only increase your desire!

Planning for tomorrow will set the tone for your future, and starting on the right foot will boost your intrinsic motivation! Williams Educational Consultants wishes all students a year filled with joy, success, and health.

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