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Back to School 2017

As the summer of 2017 has finally come to a close, it’s time to gather all of the resources possible so we can hit the ground running for the school year ahead of us. From early morning bus rides to school-night routines, the day between is jam-packed with knowledge and obstacles for you and your child. Whether it’s your first time sending a child off to kindergarten, or your youngest child’s senior year in high school, no matter the level of experience, it is always a challenge to shift from “summer mode” to “school year mode.”

Here are a few tips to make this transition a bit easier:

1. Rest! Over the summer your child was probably up late, making memories with friends and family. Their body clocks are likely used to waking up a bit later than usual. It’s important to encourage healthy sleeping patterns within your child so that they wake up clear-minded, ready to face the day! Find a routine that works best with your family. Try to have a certain time range for dinner, homework, playtime, and other activities. This will become habit and your child/children will have their body clocks adjusted in no time. Encourage your child to refrain from using his or her cell phone or other electronics late at night or near bedtime, as the lighting in these products can trick their tired brains into doing more work, and staying up later. Remember mom and dad, these tips apply to you too; if you’ve got a well-rested child, but you can’t quit hitting snooze on the alarm, your student can’t get very far!

2. Fuel up! We’ve all heard it, and here’s a friendly reminder… say it with me everybody! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!! That’s right, with an empty stomach right off the bat, your child is going to start the day feeling drained and distracted. It’s so important to have a healthy breakfast before beginning a long day at school. Make sure that whether your student is packing a lunch or getting a hot lunch at school, that he or she is presented with healthy options. If they are eating lousy food, they will feel lousy. Picky eater? No problem. Try cutting fruit into fun shapes, using cookie cutters to make pretty sandwiches, even bribing them with a fun snack or desert. The more vegetables and fruits in their diets, the better they will grow and learn. Send your child with a refillable water bottle. This will allow them to make trips to the classroom’s nearest water fountain and stay hydrated. This way, when they’re running around outside at recess, they won’t become dehydrated.

3. Have the right school supplies! Depending on what grade your child is going into/ has entered, he or she will usually have a specific list of supplies needed. Along with these items, be sure to ask your student if they have everything that they need, and if there is anything else that has been recommended or needed so far in the classroom. Some other items that may be useful to pack for your student include tissues, chapstick, and hand sanitizer, as the classroom is full of germy kiddos.

4. Communicate! It is so important for you to communicate with your child about school. Don’t suffocate them, but let them know that you’re there for them if they ever need help with homework, friends, bullies, or anything else. Communication will create a healthy headspace for your child as he or she takes on this school year.

Once you are in the swing of things and your student has adjusted to the school year, it’ll be smoother sailing from there on. Every year of education comes with many fun memories and different obstacles, but that is what teaches our students to grow.

Williams Educational Consultants wishes you and your family a great school year, and we hope that you will reach out if in need. Good luck!

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