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Auburn Deadlines

Auburn University has become increasingly popular in College Admissions, and the application process is not too difficult. Auburn does a fantastic job of connecting with students and answering questions. They want to assist families, counselors, and consultants and guide them the best they can. The most common question Williams Educational Consultants receives is regarding Admissions Deadlines.

Auburn has an Early Action Deadline of December 1. However, they have other opportunities within the 12/1 deadline, as listed below:

September 15 -- Fall Early Action

October 15 -- Fall Early Action

November 15 -- Fall Early Action

December 1 -- Fall Early Action

February 1 -- Regular Decision

Why are there so many options for Early Action in the fall semester, and how is it different than Rolling Admissions?

Rolling admissions implies that colleges review student files continuously; typically, results are within ten days to two weeks. Early Action has more structure in that. Usually, colleges release decisions on a specific date, and schools focus on a particular batch of applications based on student deadline selection.

One could say that Auburn offers Rolling Early Action if you think about it! If applicants turn in their application and all materials are received by September 15, they will be notified of a decision by mid-October. Likewise, if an applicant submits all materials by October 15, the student will be notified of a decision by mid-November. This will continue until the Early Action hard deadline of December 1!

Applicants should know they can submit updated test scores for scholarship consideration until January 10. However, Williams Educational Consultants suggests that applicants ask themselves the following questions before deciding which deadline to choose on their application:

  1. Will your grades be unaffected by your first-semester senior-year courses? Are you satisfied with your current GPA, or do you need to show admissions that you are working hard and earning As?

  2. Are you proud of your test score? Do you need to continue taking standardized tests not for scholarships but for admission purposes? Would increasing your scores help you significantly with your college options?

Williams Educational Consultants suggests that only applicants who are satisfied with their rigorous GPA, happy with their standardized testing, and are not seeking additional grades or scores could consider this Early Action round. It is also in the applicant's best interest to understand past year's admissions trends by visiting college websites or checking out the college's Common Data Set.

Ultimately, the decision lies with you, the applicant.

If you have any questions on what deadline is best for you, please reach out to Auburn for their support and guidance, your high school counselor for information on past acceptances from your high school, or Williams Educational Consultants.

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