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Are Your Goals Changing?

Today, over 50% of colleges have decided to go test-optional for Fall 2021 (aka the Class of 2025). Colleges are releasing plans for re-opening campuses. Counties across the nation are deciding how and if K12 students will start on time in the fall. Admissions Offices are changing their requirements daily. 

This week, Harvard University stepped up to the pressure and announced that the Class of 2025 would not have to submit standardized testing. "Students who do not submit standardized testing this coming year will not be disadvantaged in the application process. Their applications will be considered on the basis of what they have presented, and they are encouraged to send whatever materials they believe would convey their accomplishments in secondary school and their promise for the future." 

More schools will continue to drop the standardized tests as part of their admissions requirements due to COVID19. Williams Educational Consultants has received a lot of questions regarding the recent news of dropping standardized testing requirements. Families and students wonder if they should add more schools to their list and if they should quit preparing for testing. Ultimately, families should make decisions that are best for the student - that is the most important when it comes to admissions, college choices, class selections, and life! 

Just remember that your reaction to change is greater than the change itself. With that said, it is essential to focus on the student's needs: academically, socially, and financially, before deciding to add schools to the list or drop testing requirements. 

Some things to consider in your conversation with your student:

  1. Does the school offer the right academic program?

  2. Are you trying to seek merit-aid or other scholarships? 

  3. Is the school too competitive or too easy academically for your student? 

  4. Will taking the SAT/ACT allow your student an opportunity to shine in admissions? 

  5. Have you already paid for test prep? 

  6. Why are you seeking new universities to add to the list at this time? 

As you know, our world is going through many changes, but that doesn't necessarily mean your goals have to change. Be sure your family understands the admissions requirements before making any decisions. Discuss any changes in admissions requirements with your student, because your student's reaction could impact their future goals. For help deciding on the next best steps, connect with Wendy Williams at Williams Educational Consultants today. 

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