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4 Plans for 2020 - University System of Georgia

The University System of Georgia has released a 33-page plan that outlines four possible ideas for fall 2020 college experiences. I encourage parents and students to read the entire document. The four programs below state the following:

  1. Academic Year 2020-2021 Start – Fall classes begin with limited social distancing expectations

  2. Contingency Plan 1 – Fall classes begin with social distancing expectations

  3. Contingency Plan 2 – Fall classes begin entirely online

  4. Contingency Plan 3 – Classes and operations must go to an online format for some time during the semester

As you read through the memo, you will find that residents living could look different than past academic years due to social distancing. Student Organizations, Dining Halls, Co-Ops, and more programs will be impacted depending on the plan used for Fall or Spring. For up-to-date information about specific systems within the University System of Georgia, check out the link here

If you have specific questions or need help deciding on your choices, please connect with Williams Educational Consultants.

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