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School Highlight of the Week – Pace Academy

Pace Academy is an independent school founded in 1958 and located in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood. “It was created by an interfaith group of community leaders who envisioned a community open to fresh ideas and debate.” (” Pace offers schooling for grades Pre-First through 12. There are currently 1,080 students enrolled, a student to teacher ratio of 9 to 1 and class sizes average 15 students. Although the school is not affiliated with a specific church or religion, they adhere to Judeo-Christian values and place a major emphasis on character development.

Pace says that “family is at the heart of everything they do.” ( A close environment allows students to develop in many ways, including academically, culturally, socially, artistically, athletically and emotionally. Their mission is to “create prepared, confident citizens of the world who honor the values and legacy of Pace Academy.” (

The school is growing! In May of this year, construction started on a new Upper School from a $32 million campaign they started in 2012. There are two libraries, one for the Upper and Middle School and one for the Lower School. Students benefit from the use of Ipads, Activboards, laptops and desktops in the classroom.

Graduates of Pace Academy average 1300 plus on the SAT and go on to prestigious colleges and universities. The campus consists of 34 acres that includes eight buildings, three athletic fields, tennis courts and parking. There are two athletic complexes located a few miles from the school with baseball, football, soccer, softball and lacrosse fields. 85 percent of students participate in athletic teams. There are also amazing theater and art programs for students.

Middle and Upper School Open House: Saturday, November 23rd , 2013 Lower School Open House: Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Tuition costs for Pace Academy include lunch fees, school pictures, school accident insurance, science and computer lab fees, school publications and academic extracurricular field trips.

Tuition for Pre-First through Grade 5: $20,200

Tuition for Grades 6-12: $23,250

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