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Monday Motivation - Exam Week

Most High School students are waking up to take their mid-terms or finals. Here are some reminders on how students can minimize stress due to testing anxiety, exhaustion, and worry:

Start the day motivated.

Motivation helps you achieve success! It is an essential life skill in and out of the classroom. It is important because it will help you find purpose and reach your goals! So start the day with motivation in your heart and on your mind.

Drink lots of fluids.

Research indicates that fluids are good for our overall well-being. Also, hydrating before an exam may increase your academic performance. Did you know your brain is almost 75% water! Drinking lots of fluids helps with focus, clarity, and creativity! Don't forget your water bottle this morning!

Take breaks.

Breaks will allow you to refresh and reset. It can be as small as a five-minute break or as long as an hour; just remember that breaks from studying will refresh your brain and increase your energy, productivity, and clarity.

Eat healthy.

A proper diet is vital for students sitting for exams. Eating healthy can help with focus! Great foods to eat during exam week include berries, nuts, fish, citrus fruits, dark chocolate, avocado, and more! Think healthy, eat healthy, feel healthy!

Reward Yourself. Simply put, you have worked hard! When students reward themselves for their success, their brains can elicit positive emotions! Therefore, rewarding yourself can help you with future assignments and exams because your brain will link the positive result to the positive accomplishment!

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