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March Madness - College Planning

It is March, and the days are getting warmer! Typically during this month, animals begin to wake up from their hibernation and explore. However, unlike hibernating animals, students have been engaged and working diligently through the new year!

As an IEC who works with a diverse population of students, I can say that they all agree that this semester has been challenging. However, I think that both teachers and students are trying their hardest to get back to teaching and studying. In addition, with more schools and colleges lifting mask regulations and opening doors, students are starting to feel more enthusiastic about their educational options.

Students often talk to me more about in-person activities and extracurricular involvements, filling up calendars and commitments. Hearing the happy smiles and listening to their enchanted conversations is always a great feeling - students are starting to be active in their communities again.

As calendars begin to fill up through the spring, Williams Educational Consultants wants to remind all classes to remember their timelines and admissions processes.

Here is a list of essential tips for each class!

Current Sophomores - CLASS OF 2024

  1. Create your GAFUTURES account.

  2. Take a Mock SAT/ACT.

  3. Meet with your counselor for course selection.

  4. Identify your list of college characteristics.

  5. Try to visit at least two colleges before May.

  6. Research Majors/Careers.

  7. Find Summer Experiences

  8. Prepare for AP exams in May.

Current Juniors - CLASS OF 2023

  1. Create your GAFUTURES account if you haven't.

  2. Register for the spring SAT/ACT and plan for the fall timeline.

  3. Meet with your counselor for course selection.

  4. Reach out to your admissions officers at your interested colleges.

  5. Try to visit at least five colleges before May.

  6. Research Majors within your college list.

  7. Start brainstorming essay ideas.

  8. Prepare for AP exams in May.

Current Seniors - CLASS OF 2022

  1. Create your GAFUTURES account if you haven't.

  2. Meet with your counselor regarding graduation.

  3. Make last college visits before May 1st.

  4. Apply for scholarships.

  5. Prepare for AP exams in May.

  6. Gather all your decisions and discuss them with your parents, counselor and IEC.

  7. Begin searching for a college roommate.

  8. Stay on top of your assignments.

  9. Start planning your graduation party.

Williams Educational Consultants encourages all students to enjoy the warmer weather. So get outside, watch a school soccer game, tennis match, or cheer on your track and field team. Grab some friends and study over a picnic. Enjoy the warmer air with your peers. Take each day as it comes but prepare for tomorrow! And if you are lucky enough to be part of the Class of 2025, follow the current sophomore reminders, and know that the standardized testing, especially the SAT, will be a little different as it is changing for the better! Stay tuned for more information!

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