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LLS & Student Visionaries of the Year

As an Educational Consultant, I take immense pride in linking students with transformative opportunities through the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS). Personally motivated by my grandmother's battle with Lymphoma, I've dedicated years to connecting candidates with the Student Visionaries of The Year. These students form teams, raising funds for vital research, programs, and trials to combat blood cancer and promote LLS's mission. I am beyond proud of all the teams last night! 

This year, serving on the Adult Leadership Committee, I witnessed families rally behind the cause, raising over $2.3 million. Notably, two exceptional students of Williams Educational raised over $130,000. I found immense joy in reconnecting with my clients and engaging with numerous remarkable families who demonstrate unwavering dedication to achieving their goals and raising awareness within our community. Nights like these, witnessing students celebrate their victories, reaffirm the importance of fighting for a cause larger than ourselves. Until a cure is found, our mission persists!


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