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Gaming and Addiction

If you have a son or daughter that has access to a cell phone, Switch, Computer PC, X-Box or any other gaming device, then you might be dealing with the constant struggle of Fortnite. One of the best things about Fortnite is the dance moves. However, this is hardly why our children are playing this game. Over 40 million users are playing this cross-platform game. Yes, it’s free for any player except for cosmetic upgrades, like outfits, type of weapons, dances and more. As a parent, sometimes it is easier to have my own child pick up their gaming device to play so that I can return a call, do laundry, clean the house, etc. We are all very busy in today’s highly technological world, but I think it is our responsibility to protect our children, and sometimes protection can be provided through a conversation. Please take a moment to listen to this YOUTUBE video about gaming addictions.

This past weekend, my son and I played Fortnite monopoly, but we did not pull in triggers or hear any explosions. Instead, we laughed, hugged, counted spaces and danced a lot! And yes, he won both rounds of Monopoly! I hope that this will start a great conversation as to why your son or daughter plays games, including Fortnite and how to make healthier gaming opportunities.

NOTE: I am not saying that your son or daughter should not play video games nor am I saying to pull your child from Fortnite. Even though some video gamers can become addictive to gaming, it is relatively a small percentage of the population. Secondly, some of these gaming options bring together communities, helps with social skills, hand and eye coordination, and more. With anything, it’s about how much one spends doing one thing….and being able to have open and honest conversations when the time spent is too much. #choosewisely #speakwisely

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