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Developing Good Study Habits

Attending college or a university is like having a full time job. Although you may only have 15 hours of class time, students should spend about 30 hours per week studying! For each lecture hour, you should spend at least 1-3 hours studying, even more if you have a challenging class. This takes discipline and persistence, but when the time comes to take exams, you will be so glad you are prepared. In high school, you probably remember many grades from homework assignments, pop quizzes, tests, papers etc. College is a bit different- some professors may only have a couple exams that make up your entire grade. This means you have to be prepared and use your time wisely. This blog includes great tips on developing study habits to get the grades you want.

In order to have the material to study, you must attend class. Attend all of your lectures, listen attentively and take good notes. Many students complete homework assignments or study a day or two before an exam, but this not a good way to do it. The same day you leave a class, study and read over the material. Complete the homework the same day while all of the concepts are fresh on your mind. This also helps you figure out where you need more help or questions you may have. You will have time to meet with your professor and ask questions in plenty of time before the exam.

While reading your text material, be sure to read carefully and be contemplative. You can frame questions around the text to help yourself better understand. Highlight important key phrases or words and make notes on these. When you finish reading a chapter, go back and read out loud the material that you highlighted. Where you study is extremely important. Choose a place that has good light, temperature and ventilation. Turn off cell phones, televisions or other distractions and put them out of sight. Organize your time by making a realistic weekly schedule and hold yourself accountable for sticking to it. Do not try to do all of your studying in one session. Your ability to learn and understand is greater in shorter sessions than in long ones. Take a 10 minute break for each hour that you study.

Don’t be afraid to ask professors for help if you need it. They all have office hours for this type of situation and are glad to clarify concepts. Stay on schedule, study a few hours every day, read, complete homework and you will be prepared for those college exams!!

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