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Auburn Theatre Auditions

Auburn would like to get the information about their Auburn University’s Department of Theatre’s upcoming Open house and Scholarship Audition Day.

Theatre has the potential to foster dialogue, alter perceptions, and inspire social change. The Auburn University Department of Theatre is dedicated to the education and professional training of theatre artists, scholars, and audiences within a liberal arts environment. The Department champions the interaction between theory and practice and produces citizen artists who advocate for the arts through their own work in local, national, and international communities. Auburn University theatre students think critically, creatively, and collaboratively and carry their knowledge from rehearsal spaces and classrooms to stages, campuses, and communities worldwide.

Due to Auburn’s “priority admission” application deadline of November 1 and its AUSOM Scholarship consideration deadline of December 1, Auburn University Theatre will now hold its annual on site scholarship/music theatre program admission auditions on Saturday, October 27th, 2018. This is a great opportunity for high school seniors  to tour our facility, meet with theatre faculty and students, and audition for theatre scholarships and admission to our music theatre degree program.

More information about their program can be found at the link below:

More information about the auditions can be found at the link below, and I’d greatly appreciate your assistance in alerting students to this earlier audition date.

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